Lina & Aria Christmas Surprise – 2017

A few weeks ago, I did a surprise photo session of my beautiful niece, Lina, and her adorable cousin, Aria, as a gift for some family. The girls were dressed in matching outfits and were quite tired of posing by the end of the session (as seen in the outdoor photo below haha)! But with a bit of bribery and some tickles thrown in here and there from their moms, I think we got the photos they were looking for. At the end of it all, Lina was rewarded with her favourite – a sprinkled donut – and Aria got to try to one for the first time so let’s just say it was difficult to take it away from her once she had her first taste.

Enjoy a sneak peak into the session with these cute holiday photos below 🙂

Lina and Aria Christmas 2017-7460Lina and Aria Christmas 2017-7480Lina and Aria Christmas 2017-7541Lina and Aria Christmas 2017-7561Lina and Aria Christmas 2017-7597Lina and Aria Christmas 2017-7697Lina and Aria Christmas 2017-7765Lina and Aria Christmas 2017-7788Lina and Aria Christmas 2017-7796Lina and Aria Christmas 2017-7818Lina and Aria Christmas 2017-7808

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