The Pate Family – September 15th, 2017

A few weeks ago, I got the chance to reunite with the Pate family in Guelph, Ontario to take some photos of their growing clan! Since we were blessed with a gorgeous day at the Arboretum, we were able to explore the grounds with their beautiful family while taking some photos along the way.

It was a great Sunday morning together – I always love catching up with previous clients and see how much their lives have changed. For the Pate family, their family has grown by one since I’ve last seen them and they look like they are loving life and all of its new adventures 🙂 Enjoy these previews from the day!

The Pate Family-6334The Pate Family-6357The Pate Family-6370The Pate Family-6389The Pate Family-6441The Pate Family-6449The Pate Family-6502The Pate Family-6531The Pate Family-6543The Pate Family-6567The Pate Family-6575The Pate Family-6592The Pate Family-6619The Pate Family-6627The Pate Family-6633

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