Steph’s Bridal Shower – June 4th, 2017

On Sunday, June 4th, I got the wonderful privilege of photographing Stephanie’s Bridal Shower at Liuna Gardens. As a last-minute addition to the party with the bride’s Canon Rebel T3 equipment in tow (as my equipment was in a different city than me) as well as expecting rain and thunderstorms, it ended up being such a great, sunny & beautiful day. The day was filled with lots of delicious treats, fun games, pretty decor and an abundance of smiles and laughs. The party was then topped off by a surprise visit from the Groom, Dave, and a bouquet of flowers for all the special women in his life.

Thank you so much for having me, Stephanie – You’ll be a beautiful bride!
Here are some previews and candids from the day 🙂

Steph Bridal Shower-0150Steph Bridal Shower-0136Steph Bridal Shower-0159Steph Bridal Shower-0167Steph Bridal Shower-0155Steph Bridal Shower-0299Steph Bridal Shower-0220Steph Bridal Shower-0227Steph Bridal Shower-0174Steph Bridal Shower-0185Steph Bridal Shower-0199Steph Bridal Shower-0216Steph Bridal Shower-0265Steph Bridal Shower-0232Steph Bridal Shower-0283Steph Bridal Shower-0248Steph Bridal Shower-0254Steph Bridal Shower-0282Steph Bridal Shower-0317Steph Bridal Shower-0336Steph Bridal Shower-0418Steph Bridal Shower-0344Steph Bridal Shower-0454Steph Bridal Shower-0445Steph Bridal Shower-0472Steph Bridal Shower-0438Steph Bridal Shower-0491Steph Bridal Shower-0548Steph Bridal Shower-0505Steph Bridal Shower-0518Steph Bridal Shower-0570Steph Bridal Shower-0584

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