Alissa & BJ’s Wedding – November 2nd, 2016

Earlier this month, I got to venture down to Orlando, Florida to watch my brother and his fiancee get married! While I was there, I took some candid photos of the getting ready and the reception part of the day – that way, I could actually watch most of the ceremony (although I was distracted by how adorable my niece looked). They had another photographer do the ceremony + wedding party photos of the day while I drank some bubbly goodness and relaxed. It was a nice and small ceremony, a delicious dinner, and overall, a beautiful day.

Here are some previews of the day! Enjoy 🙂
And a special congratulations goes out to my brother & my new sister-in-law!

Alissa and BJ Wedding-4465.jpgalissa-and-bj-wedding-4528alissa-and-bj-wedding-4552alissa-and-bj-wedding-4555alissa-and-bj-wedding-4616alissa-and-bj-wedding-4642alissa-and-bj-wedding-4645alissa-and-bj-wedding-4672alissa-and-bj-wedding-4705alissa-and-bj-wedding-4747alissa-and-bj-wedding-4809alissa-and-bj-wedding-4774alissa-and-bj-wedding-4801alissa-and-bj-wedding-4814alissa-and-bj-wedding-4847alissa-and-bj-wedding-4908alissa-and-bj-wedding-4981alissa-and-bj-wedding-4944alissa-and-bj-wedding-4924

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