Nicola and Zak’s Wedding – August 13th, 2016

Wow – let me just start by saying Nicola & Zak’s wedding was simply amazing!

This wedding was so organized from start to finish and even though we battled the heat, humidity, and the occasional downpour of rain, everyone involved in this wedding kept smiling and focusing on all of the positives throughout the day. The wedding party (yes, even the groomsmen who were hilarious) were so fun to work with and treated me like they’ve known me for years which was an awesome feeling!

To Zak & Nicola – thank you SO much for including me in your day & trusting me with all of your photography for the engagement shoot & wedding! I absolutely can’t wait to share your photos with you but for now, here are some of the best snippets to tie you over and share with your loved ones.

Congratulations, you two! I wish you so much joy and happiness that you both deserve! 🙂

While peaking through the photos, I picked so many favourites so naturally, I just had to create my first slideshow to showcase (most of) them:
To view a slideshow from Zak & Nicola’s day, click here!

Zak and Nicola Wedding-1473Zak and Nicola Wedding-1600Zak and Nicola Wedding-1627Zak and Nicola Wedding-1337Zak and Nicola Wedding-1371Zak and Nicola Wedding-1407Zak and Nicola Wedding-1794Zak and Nicola Wedding-1800Zak and Nicola Wedding-1802Zak and Nicola Wedding-1805Zak and Nicola Wedding-1809Zak and Nicola Wedding-1961Zak and Nicola Wedding-2030Zak and Nicola Wedding-2049Zak and Nicola Wedding-2064Zak and Nicola Wedding-2095Zak and Nicola Wedding-2132Zak and Nicola Wedding-2136Zak and Nicola Wedding-2150Zak and Nicola Wedding-2154Zak and Nicola Wedding-2249Zak and Nicola Wedding-2312Zak and Nicola Wedding-2305Zak and Nicola Wedding-2433Zak and Nicola Wedding-2536Zak and Nicola Wedding-2626Zak and Nicola Wedding-2661Zak and Nicola Wedding-2766

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