The Peanut Gallery: Baby Lina Is Coming!

Last September, there was a big announcement that my brother, BJ, and his girlfriend, Alissa, were expecting a baby! Even though Alissa was only six weeks pregnant at the time, we were already excited to spoil this little one. After I was handed the first ultrasound (or proof) of the tiny human being that night, I just said  “it looks like a peanut – let’s call it Peanut”. Somehow, that stuck and became the theme of the first trimester.

On New Year’s Eve, Alissa & BJ decided to gather close family and friends and have a party to reveal the gender of the baby. The room was decorated with young photos of the two and lots of delicious Italian food made by Alissa’s wonderful family. The gender was to be revealed with icing in the middle of the cake – blue for boy, pink for girl of course – and could only be seen once the cake was cut. Gathered around with anticipation, we soon found out that Baby Peanut was indeed a Baby Girl. Everyone was filled with excitement but the biggest smile belonged to Alissa’s grandmother since the baby will be named after her – Lina.

Here is a glimpse of the Reveal Party below:

_DSC7023_DSC7030 _DSC7042 _DSC7046 _DSC7048 _DSC7050_DSC7029

And thus, the theme of pink began. Alissa’s mother, Rita, decided to take the lead for the baby shower in March. Her mother, with the help of Alissa’s future sister-in-law and my little sister, could not have planned a more beautiful baby shower for Alissa. Gifts & pink galore, the shower was filled with delicious food, a candy bar, fruit punch, adorable baby shoes, hilarious games and, of course, lots of laughs.

Check out snippets from Alissa’s baby shower below: 

_DSC7120 _DSC7127 _DSC7131 _DSC7137_DSC7147_DSC7215 _DSC7148 _DSC7150_DSC7145 _DSC7163 _DSC7166 _DSC7203 _DSC7206 _DSC7208 _DSC7212_DSC7254

A week after the baby shower, Alissa & BJ gave me the awesome opportunity to photograph my very first maternity session. I always get nervous before my “first” session of any type but it was great to be able to share this moment with my brother, (pretty much) sister-in-law, and future niece. Living in Canada and it still being March, we didn’t have the prettiest weather so we had to improvise with an indoor shoot. Fortunately, we were able to shoot this in BJ & Alissa’s new apartment! All I can hope for with this session is that I was able to make their vision for a maternity shoot a reality.

Here are some previews from the maternity session:

_DSC7341 - Version 3_DSC7345 - Version 3_DSC7360 - Version 3_DSC7384 - Version 3_DSC7393_DSC7420 - Version 3_DSC7429_DSC7567_DSC7471 _DSC7486_DSC7504_DSC7522 _DSC7529_DSC7545_DSC7549And here we are – less than a month away from the due date for Baby Lina. I cannot wait to meet my niece (and future photography assistant) in May and see this new family blossom.

This story is to be continued – with a newborn session – coming soon!
Stay tuned 🙂

– Auntie Katie



One thought on “The Peanut Gallery: Baby Lina Is Coming!

  1. What a beautiful way of celebrating this story! Can’t wait to see the ending. You are one very talented photography, Katie !!

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