The Shah Family – October 5th, 2014

On October 5th, I spent the morning hiking around Hilton Falls in Milton with the wonderful Shah family. It was a beautiful, brisk fall morning on Sunday which gave us the perfect opportunity to bring these two little boys on their first (long) hike! After stumbling across this picturesque fire pit, we just had to stop to take some candid photos – and warm up a bit! It was an awesome first hike for the two little boys, Liam and Devon, and a refreshing memory for their parents who spent one of their first dates hiking around Hilton Falls years ago. 

Even though the two little guys were pretty wiped after the long walk, I’m hoping these family photos will remind them later on that they were well worth the hike! Enjoy your photos, Shah family! Can’t wait to see you soon (and see how quick Liam & Devon grow up)!

_DSC4159 _DSC4164 _DSC4178 _DSC4185 _DSC4198  _DSC4217 _DSC4226 _DSC4231 _DSC4245 _DSC4250_DSC4337 - Version 3 _DSC4199 _DSC4255_DSC4297 _DSC4295 _DSC4269  _DSC4289   _DSC4321 - Version 3   _DSC4330

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