The Poweska Family – Sept. 28th, 2014

Last Sunday morning, I met the lovely Poweska family in Dundas Conservation Area for their first family session with me. We were so fortunate to be blessed with one of the (but hopefully not the last) most beautiful day of the year. With a portable snack bar (a wagon) and a few favourite props toting behind us, we journeyed off together into the conservation. The little girls, Natalie & Nicole, could not have been more adorable with their little sunglasses and huge smiles! You could see from their faces that their parents, Sylvia & Robert, were so proud of the little family they have created. We also got to stumble upon some farm & wild animals out in the conservation including horses, caterpillars, and a few dogs which the little girls loved!

The Poweska family was a great way to kick off the fall family photo sessions here at KMichs Photography! I hope you enjoy your photos as much as I do – going through them brought a great smile to my face thinking of all the fun we had on Sunday. Here’s to some wonderful memories, Poweska family!
_DSC3825_DSC3827 _DSC3853 _DSC3878 _DSC3883_DSC3897 - Version 3_DSC3907 _DSC3911 _DSC3954 _DSC3994 _DSC4012 _DSC4018 _DSC4028 _DSC4047 _DSC4080 _DSC4058  _DSC4089 _DSC4090 _DSC4096 _DSC4102 _DSC4119 _DSC4138 _DSC4145 _DSC4156

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