The World Is Your Playground – MUSE Magazine

An imagination is one of the most underrated things an adult can have. An imagination gives you the ability to see anything you want, possible or impossible, within the boundaries of your own mind. And if you’re fortunate enough to hold onto your imagination past your childhood, you have the choice to daydream situations all day or share your visions with the world.

I find that one of the most gratifying things about being a photographer is being able to bring your imagination to life within a single image. During my time studying at Queen’s University, I had the privilege of being MUSE Magazine’s Executive Photographer for a year and leading some of my very own photo editorials to be published each semester. With the help of the amazing Creative Directors in our final year, we were able to come up with this concept: The World is Your Playground. We took a variety of Queen’s varsity athletes out of their comfort zones and brought their talents into everyday activities such as studying, eating at a cafeteria, etc. After piles of brainstorming followed by two weeks of shooting & editing, I could not have been happier with the final product.
basketball1watermark cheerleader2watermark fencing final watermark figureskating1test2watermark football4watermark QueensFootballTeamwatermark rugby2watermark volleyball2watermark

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