Crack In The Mirror: NYC Parson’s New School of Design Exhibition

Last summer, I was given the blessing of studying Digital & Analogue Photography at Parson’s New School of Design in New York City. My time in NYC was jammed into an intense month of learning the background, great artists, and technical sides of photography. Our professor, Matt Jensen, was a great mentor to us all and gave us our final assignment which would be exhibited in a gallery at the end of the month. We had free range; what our topic would be, how many pieces, the look, the feel, and the choice of whether to shoot in digital or film. I decided to lean away from my comfort zone and shoot & develop all my images in a darkroom. Although the process was quite tedious, the final product was exactly what I was aiming for with its untouched flaws and sense of reality.

My exhibition, “Crack in the Mirror” is based on a very personal subject to me; addiction. The piece illustrates a mirrored-image of what a loved one appears as to you and the rest of the outside world and what they may look or feel like on the inside. This exhibition reminded me that by using the art of photography (and sometimes videography) as a form of communication to show both the great & dark times, I am able to use my voice in a creative yet personal way to speak to those who may also find it difficult to discuss their loved one’s battles.
citm1 citm2 citm3 citm4 citm5 citm6

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