The Heersink Family – July 27th, 2014

Last Sunday, I spent the evening taking photos of the beautiful Heersink Family in Cayuga, Ontario. With the weather being unpredictable (as always) and calling for a chance of thunderstorms, we took our chances and got lucky to only have a few drops of rain! The photos we’re taken right on the lake surrounded by all sorts of nature on Julie & Chuck’s amazing property that they just moved into last October.

Going through these photos, I can honestly say that this family is so blessed to have one another. Throughout the session, they brought each other smiles, laughs, and overall, just enjoyed each other’s company. The true meaning of family radiants through this clan and I could not count myself more fortunate to come across a group as light-hearted and adorable as them!

Enjoy some previews of their session below!

_DSC2450_DSC2434_DSC2412_DSC2425_DSC2473_DSC2490_DSC2560_DSC2532_DSC2542 _DSC2383_DSC2482      _DSC2523     _DSC2566   _DSC2666_DSC2644

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