A Fairytale Barnyard Wedding – June 28th, 2014

On June 28th, 2014, I spent the day with Beth & Greg to photograph their big day at Brantwood Farms in Brantford, ON. They were fortunately blessed with amazing weather (and a much-needed breeze) for their outdoor festivities. I started out at a family farm where Beth, her bridesmaids, and JP were getting ready. I quickly realized that Beth & Greg’s nine-month-old baby, JP, was a photographer’s dream come true for a newborn – every time I pointed the camera at him, he gave me the biggest smile. We then moved to Brantwood Farms where the ceremony & reception would take place. Beth & Greg were declared husband and wife underneath a giant shaded tree with JP crawling through his dad’s legs – just wanting to be part of the action. The surrounding scenery of Brantwood Farms made for gorgeous family photos following the ceremony. As the guests enjoyed water & lemonade at the barn, the wedding party and myself moved back to the family farm to take some fun and creative photos. With an orchard, a gigantic field, and yet another barn, we had plenty of backgrounds to work with. The reception then began back at Brantwood Farms with hanging lights and lots of cocktails & candy which carried on into the night.

With the amazing scenery, wonderful wedding party, and the most photogenic newborn in the universe, this wedding was definitely one of the most memorable yet! Congratulations, Greg & Beth! Can’t wait to run into you again soon & hope you enjoy your photos!

_DSC1203_DSC1210_DSC1218_DSC1224 - Version 2_DSC1245_DSC1251_DSC1287 - Version 2_DSC1294 - Version 3_DSC1303_DSC1224_DSC1265_DSC1274_DSC1279_DSC1284_DSC1309_DSC1310_DSC1331_DSC1346_DSC1383 - Version 2_DSC1394_DSC1403_DSC1411_DSC1429_DSC1436_DSC1451_DSC1476 - Version 2_DSC1479 - Version 2_DSC1482 - Version 3_DSC1496_DSC1527_DSC1552_DSC1566 - Version 2_DSC1575_DSC1579_DSC1583_DSC1633_DSC1653_DSC1700_DSC1703_DSC1719_DSC1748_DSC1783 - Version 3_DSC1810_DSC1815_DSC1835_DSC1841_DSC1857 - Version 2_DSC1874 - Version 2


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