Soleil’s Newborn Session

Seeing as it’s Mother’s Day, I saw it fitting to post this session up on the website!

On May 3rd, I was invited to Robin and Beau’s beautiful home to photograph my first newborn session of their adorable daughter, Soleil. I was so honoured and excited to be given the chance to finally take this step into an entirely new world of newborn photography!

What I learned during this experience:

  1. Babies have accidents. A lot.
  2. You really cannot predict what will turn out to be a great shot or pose.
  3. And on that note, you shouldn’t assume that because it’s the right time of day, great weather, and the perfect temperature in the room, the baby will be in a great or sleepy mood. Time and patience is crucial in this field.
  4. So basically, be prepared for anything and everything!

So would I do another newborn shoot again? In a heartbeat.
Especially if the family is as wonderful & kind as Robin and Beau’s!





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